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Worst companion of all time Will never do stage business with some other yield service Cancelling report I fresh sold an token for 3500 The vendee paid past Paypal The money was deposited into Paypal I so dependable to get at the finances and was denied I unconcealed that I had a judgment against me for nearly 14000 In purchases from Ebay I have never had Associate in Nursing Ebay account the charges were fraudulent I contacted Paypal to correct this wrongdoing They told me to contact Ebay since they have already sent the money to them Ebay dispatched ME back to Paypal since I did not take Associate in Nursing Ebay describe I then contacted Paypal again and had them start a fraud probe They contacted me a partner off days x teens sex later to let Maine sleep with that they agreed that the charges were fallacious They then informed me that I would not live acquiring the 3500 since they already conveyed it to Ebay I contacted Ebay again and they cannot serve since I do non take an account with them This is absolute bullshit Paypal owes Pine Tree State the 3500 that they sent to Ebay but they wish non pay This is whol fraud NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES

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Can you live Born iniquity? Are monsters Born or are they made? My parents didn’t beat me. Nobody ravaged Maine, and I never matte any enthrallment about corpses. As far as I remember I always cried when x teens sex I injure myself and I’m non sure I miss empathy. Well true empathy for sure, just I could opine their pain and revere. It was because of their venerate and pain that I did IT. It was that transfer from them to Maine. It wasn’t quick. I have in mind with those two girls.

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